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Slim fit male mannequin from Hindsgaul in a relaxed pose.

ROY is a semi-faceless male mannequin series with a confident, masculine attitude.

ROY is available in white or grey and goes very well with his female counterpart: The COY series also from Hindsgaul.

Optional purchase
Flex arm that fits all mannequins in the ROY series. The flex arm lets you style your mannequin, so that it appears as if one hand is in the pocket, giving the mannequin a relaxed expression. Can be used as both right and left arm.

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Colour: White

Height: 188 cm
Chest: 89,5 cm
Waist: 75 cm
Hip: 94 cm
Inside leg: 89 cm
Shoe size: 44

The measurements above are approximate.

  • round glass base
  • calf spike
  • foot spike
  • sandal feet for split toe sandals etc.

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